Little Mermaid Costume

Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun; wondering free, wish I could be part of your world! Ariel, the little mermaid, wants to be part of the human world because of the handsome prince Richard. Unfortunately, evil Ursula, the sea witch, has taken this advantage to sabotage the whole sea kingdom. Of course, the rest of the story is very well known by every young girls and women. They even want to be a little mermaid at some point in time, especially at any costume events or Halloween party.

Dressing up like the princess of the sea is an easy task. There are lots of online shops that provide high quality Little Mermaid costumes. From a dress with sequences to a dress that has sparkle overlay, you can choose from different designs. You can even try on a set that has a bikini top made from seashells. It will even more look glamorously splashy with the tail as the most important part of the costume. Just make sure that having a mermaid-cut dress will not hinder you or your kid from running around or from doing fun activities.

It will also become a dream come true for every girl to wear a princess’s tiara. This will make you feel as if you really are a sea princess from an enchanted kingdom. What’s more if you are going to carry a magical wand that will help you fight the sea witch!


Top Gun Costume

Still can’t get enough of the 1980’s Top Gun? Being one of the best films of 1986, Top Gun has captured the hearts of many people, who’s into flyboys, aircraft, navy, and the like. With Tom Cruise as one of the primary casts, the movie was indeed a successful one. It has won one Academy Award for “Take My Breath Away” as Best Music.

So, if you want to take other people’s breaths away, it is the right time for you to put on your Top Gun Costume. Completing all the apparels for this costume is easy if you happen to know somebody who is from the military. You can borrow one of their uniforms as long as it fits you perfectly well. If you want to look more of an aviator, you can try finding the right outfit over the internet.

An aviator male costume includes a jumpsuit, sunglasses, and a hat. You can accessorize it more by wearing black gloves. A combat boots will look better on you rather than a simple black leather shoes. It will make you look like your always on the go and you have the need for speed. After all, Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Lt. Nick “Goose” Bradshaw once said, “”I feel the need—the need for speed!” So, in choosing the right Top Gun outfit for you; make sure that you will feel comfortable enough in wearing it. You do not want to feel too uptight with what your wearing because you cannot move freely because of your costume.


Xena Costume

A woman who is strong and fearless, Xena is the warrior princess who has been loved by every girl who has been hooked in her television series. Formerly the Destroyer of Nations and a Warlord, she has now turned in to the good side by being the Warrior of the Good. So being a Xena in your costume party must make you look like a girl warrior.

Being a warrior suggests that you have to wear a leatherette dress. It may have some prints of golden combatant design. This will make you look like as if you are wearing amulets around your body. It will also be perceived by everybody in the party as your strength and power. You can add up a wrist guard and arm bands for you to appear more of a warrior. As for your shoe wear, you must wear a pair of black boots with metallic designs. Obtaining all of these can be very easy. There are many online stores that offer a set of Xena costume. Improvising one may be a little difficult since the materials used are mostly leather.

Having a face like Xena is achievable if you use metallic colors in your facial make-up. Try using the natural colors like brown, gray, and black. They will bring out that simple but ferocious look in you!

Dressing up like Xena is a fantastic thing to do, especially if you want to feel a little sexy. Also, do not forget to flash a fierce look so that you can easily find Hercules!


Wolverine Costume

Wolverine is very popular among young boys and men who idolize superheroes. Known as being mutant; Wolverine, who is also named as Logan in his normal form, is capable of pulling out bone claws on each of his hand. He also has a self-healing power that allows him to recuperate from any serious wounds. These are just some of the reasons why many of the male population, both young and old, prefer to wear a Wolverine costume in a party.

More often than not, Wolverine costume isn’t hard to complete. There are lots of online store where you can purchase it. If you want you and your kid to have the same theme, the costume is available both for an adult and a young boy. For you to look like a real Wolverine mutant, you basically need to have a body-fit yellow don. A jumpsuit will look very well on you especially if you will add up wearing a Wolverine mask, which are already available when you purchase a set of the costume.

Do you want to look more like a mutant? If yes, try wearing Wolverine claws. These are his signature armor in fighting off criminals and his enemies. You can make one by using silver metallic foil and form it as long pointed claws. If you prefer a deluxe one, there are already customized Wolverine claws.

Once you completed all of these, you and your little boy are now ready for the party. Remember, to kick out the bad guys only!



Where’s Wally Costume

“Where’s Wally?” is a very popular children’s book.  It is so popular that Wally, its main character, has been imitated by people who have read and loved the book. Finding him among a dozen or more people doing various things at a single location is the author’s challenge to readers. Somehow, it is easy to recognize him with his red-white stripes get up, though the illustration contains deceptive items. So, if you feel like playing hide and seek in the party, having a Wally costume will be very advisable.

You can use your own round neck shirt as long as it has red and white horizontal stripes. As for your bottoms, you can use a pair of light blue pants. You also need a red and white bobble hat. Round eyeglasses are also his signature accessory.

If you want a unique Where’s Wally costume, there are online stores that offer a complete set of the costume. It includes the classic red and white top, blue trousers, a matching nerd hat, and the famous round eyeglasses.

Aside from the spectacles and the nerd hat that Wally uses to accessorize his overall appearance, he sometimes uses a baton. You can bring one in your costume or Halloween party so that you have to hold on to.

Wally is really good in hiding from the eyes of his readers; so make sure that if you do not want to be found by your friends so easily in the dark, locate yourself where there are red herrings!


Tribal Costume

The word “tribal” has been associated with things belonging to an ethnic or tribal group. This also refers to a particular style of tattoo in the modern time. With the use of different art styles such as black swirls, line works, and geometric patterns, the people nowadays who wear tattoo have merely personalized the designs. Having a tribal-themed costume in a party is indeed suitable for Halloween, since tribal people tend to be barbarous or uncivilized with their actions. These are just the right characteristics that will startle almost everybody in the party.

Dressing up with tribal costume is very easy. You may try finding tight black garments from your closet. A sleeveless top is good enough to show the whole arms that will be tattooed with henna. There are also tattoo sleeves that can be bought online. The prints in the sleeves that have a tattoo-inspired concept will create an illusion that will deceive the eyes of the people around you.

Moreover, being tribal is not exclusive of looking gothic. There are also some other options if you want to go ethnic in your party. Actually, you can try to go for Native American tribal, Afghan tribal, African tribal, or even Renaissance tribal. The key is for you to find the most suitable tribal theme or you. Anyway, there are lots of online shops where you buy a complete set of a tribal costume. Just don’t forget that you should not use your cellular phone since it wasn’t invented yet during your time.


Tennis Costume

Tennis is one of the most popular sports that are played among the elites. Not everybody is given the chance to play this very challenging sport. In fact, this is only competed against those people who are in the middle to upper classes of the society. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be in the elite class for you to look stunning in your tennis costume. This is why attending a tennis-themed party will require you to put on your best costume that will smash down everybody in the party. You have to make sure that every technique that you will do to make you look like a champion is well planned.

If you are a woman, of course, you want to look hot and sexy! You may try wearing a tight lawn dress. If you want two wear two-piece garments, try a border tank and a compression short. Just put on a sporty rubber shoes for your footwear. Wearing a light visor will also pull out the best tennis costume in you.

Sporting a woven short as bottom and traditional sport polo as top is one way of being good-looking male tennis player. A pair of woven pants is an alternative if you do not feel like wearing shorts. A comfortable sporty rubber shoes will make you feel great and enjoy the party more. As for your accessories, you can have a headband or bandana. You may also want to wear a wrist band for you to look athletic.


Ninja Costume

Ninja, also known as shinobi in Japan, is a secret agent or a soldier fighting for money. Using unconventional skills in war, a ninja attacks those who are distinguished members of political societies. In fact, demises of well-known persons on Japan before were attributed to assassinations done by ninjas. Nowadays, people all over the world dressed up ninjas because of the complexities of the garments they use. The designs are intricate and the styles are very oriental.

Making your own ninja costume will take a lot of your time. It is better to turn to the computer and let it do the job. You can find a very good ninja costume in the internet. Look for a complete set, so that you will not have a hard time pairing up the bottoms to the top. It is suggested that you find a black shirt and trousers with gold ties on cuffs. For it to become multifaceted, you try wearing a hooded tunic with a golden dragon emblem. The dragon is a very oriental design and it is used for brave warriors such as the ninjas. Accessorize the costume with a face mask headband and waist sash. You may also add a sword since it is the main weaponry of a ninja.


Disguising is one of the most common techniques that ninjas used before so that they will not be easily known as paid killer. So, you better learn this trick, or should it be technique, for you to have a successful trick or treat.


Napoleon Dynamite Costume

Napoleon Dynamite has been very famous after the release of its self-titled classic film. He is described as gawky teenager who enjoys ordinary pastime such as drawing, dancing hip-hop, and playing tetherball. There is also something with the way he dressed that boys of all ages would want to dress like him. Perhaps, it’s his bizarre personality that set him apart from other movie characters and that also made his outfit weird.

Good for a Halloween party, a Napoleon Dynamite costume is easy to acquire. Online stores offer a complete package of the costume that includes an oversized brown jacket, a brown vest, a yellow shirt front, an enormous tie, and, of course, the moon boot tops. Be a little weirder by wearing a curly wig and a pair of spectacles for a hilarious fun.

If you cannot afford to buy these online, there might be some old garments that can be used to improvise the costume. You may look for extra large white long sleeves together with black slacks. Try to wear the slacks above your waist with the long sleeves tucked in, so that you will look like a total geek. For you to become nerdier, wear a bow tie and eyeglasses.

Remember that the more dumb-looking you become, the more that you are going to look like Napoleon Dynamite. Impress your friends more by dancing a hip-hop groove. Just make sure that you learn the dance steps from the movie for you to become the most bizarre star of the night.


Monk Costume

A monk is a person who practices the life of abstinence by religiously secluding himself from the general public. So, if you have been invited in a “naughty and nice” party, it will be a very good opportunity to be one and the steps are very easy for you to look like a virtuous vicar. It is like being a sinner and a saint all at the same time.

You can get a monk’s pate wig and a hooded brown robe with a white belt cord for you to show-off a certified monk costume. You will be able to buy these over the internet. Or, there are some stores near churches where you can get a set of these items. You just have to make sure that you will not use them with blasphemy in mind. For your shoes, a black pair will do. Accessorizing your monk costume is also very easy. You can do that by just wearing a cape let and a string necklace with a wooden cross as its pendant.

If you wish to have a dramatic entrance in your party, you can try being mysterious. Wear the hood as you enter the venue. Tilt you head downward and do not look to anybody so that you have that mysterious appearance.

Now that you have sworn in a life of celibacy, be ready to mingle with all the girls in the party and make them your nuns. Just keep in mind that marriage is a sacred sacrament and you don’t want to have that kind of ending after your party.