Zorro Costume

Zorro is the Spanish version of Robin Hood. He is a good friend of the poor but an enemy of the greedy elites. When you want to make a real good impression in a party, why not wear a Zorro costume? You can disguise yourself as a mysterious hero who is a fighter of injustice and is always ready to save a lady in distress. Zorro is an admirable hero and you can be just like him when you choose this costume.

 You do not need to look like Antonio Banderas to wear a Zorro costume. Even women can wear a Zorro costume. Don’t you like it when people keep on guessing about your real identity? All you need is to purchase a Zorro costume online. If you want to save money, you can always look in your closet. All you need is a black long sleeves shirt, black pants, and black boots. To look like a real Zorro, you need a black mask that will cover your eyes, you can just make from an old black fabric that you already have. Then it is also a must that you have a black hat and gloves. You may just buy a Zorro whip or sword in a costume stores or online to perfect your look. If you don’t have a moustache then you can just draw it using an eyeliner pencil.  

 Now you can be a real dashing debonair with a Zorro costume. You can also make this costume for your kids when they go trick or treating. I am sure they will love it

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