Witch costume

When you attend a Halloween Party, you will never fail to see a witch costume. But when you decide to wear a witch costume, you have to be a real stand out. Do not settle for less! I am sure by just using your imagination your witch costume will be out of this world! No kidding! You do not need to cast a spell or prepare a potion to make you the best witch in town.

 So what are the things that you need to prepare to look like a real witch? I am a fan of Glinda, the good witch from the hit musical “Wicked”. So aside from the magical broom and pointed hat you also need to buy black blouse and skirts. You can just wear your old black boots if you do not want to spend money. But if you want you can actually recycle your old dresses in your closet. Just wear a net petticoat under those skirts. You can look like Glinda and wear green make up or just like typical witches, you can have a scary face by using black eyeliner and pointed nose. You can even add cobwebs in your dress and hat to make it look old. You do not have to buy all the items online, you can just download a picture for reference and then create your own style.

 You may want to have a witch cape as well to make your costume more dramatic. I am sure you will defy gravity with your witch costume.

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