Wench Costume

Yes, wench may be somebody who is a woman servant, but let us put on some twist by making it sexier. Despite the fact that she is peasant, everybody, especially the boys, will love her because of her innocence. People in parties love to stare a sexy woman servant. The boys will drool over you if you will decide to choose a wench costume for your special costume parties. In fact, you can choose from a different type of wench. You can play as a pirate wench, Roxana Black sexy wench, Roxana Blue sexy wench, new medieval wench, or a beer wench peasant.

For a pirate wench, you will need a hot pink sexy pirate dress that has a lace up black bodice and net trim. A pirate eye patch, a headband, and a pirate cutlass to complete will complete the pirate look. On the other hand, for you to become a Roxanna Black sexy wench, you just have to get a black satin dress with white lace and black lace on the bottom part of the dress. Just add a frilly white apron to complete the look. For you to look like a sexy Medieval serving wench, you just have to wear black velour with draping sleeves that have gold details on the whole costume and belt. Or if you want to become a beer server wench, peasant style dress with mock corset style and apron with knee length stockings are just the essentials. If you are having difficulty finding these stuffs, there are online shops where you can purchase these items.


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