Vicky Pollard costumes

Victoria Henrietta Pollard or commonly known as “Vicky Pollard”, is a famous fictional television character from the hit series “Little Britain”. She is funny despite being a juvenile delinquent. Despite being obnoxious, you will learn to love her character for sure. So if you want to go to a party and you are looking for a unique costume, then you should definitely go as Vicky Pollard. I am sure this will be the party that you and your friends will remember forever.

 There are lots of Vicky Pollard costumes that you can purchase in the internet. You will no longer have a hard time looking for costume. You can also buy a Vicky Pollard wig and accessories online. However, when you cannot afford to purchase all of those things, do not fret! We can still find solutions to your problem. All you need is your wild imagination and you are more than ready to create a cute Vicky Pollard costume. You need to have a pink track suit and leggings. You can also use blue leggings if you do not have pink leggings. Then you need to have a blonde wig that is if you are not blond. For accessories, you can just wear cheap necklaces, ring, and huge hoop earrings. You can carry a cigarette as a prop. You need to look fat as well, so you need to put fabric inside your outfit.

 Vicky Pollard may look horrendous but still you will be the life of the party with this fantabulous costume.

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