Venus Costume

Known as the goddess of beauty, Venus is not only beautiful but smart. You can look and feel beautiful inside and out when you choose a Venus costume. As a Greek goddess, you really need to look divine with your outfit.

 Are you in a dilemma on what to wear in your high school costume party? Well you really want to make an impression with your crush. Then you should definitely wear a Venus costume. Just like Venus, you will surely capture lots of men’s heart. So how do you achieve a goddess costume? Well it is really simple for all you need is a huge white silk or satin. You can also use ordinary fabric that will fit your budget. You need gold silk and ribbons that will serve as belt and bracelet. You need a gladiator sandal with gold strap. You can use the gold ribbon to cover the strap. You can bring a golden apple as a prop and a crown. The golden apple will help people identify who you are as goddess. There may be lots of goddesses in the costume party, but you will definitely stand out when you wear your costume with confidence. So what if you are not the most pretty, you can always count on with make up for a little enhancement and. But with your charming personality, I am sure you will shine the brightest at the party!

 You can also wear gold accessories and tie your hair with gold ribbons. If you want to try a new look then you can curl your hair or make it wavy to achieve the goddess look.

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