Thunderbirds costume

Who can forget the hit television series Thunderbirds in mid 1960? I am sure as a child your mom had a hard time removing your face in front of the television. Kids do love the adventures the heroes from Thunderbirds encounter. They can imagine themselves piloting one of the Thunderbirds and saving the world from destruction.

 If you want to go to a costume party as Thunderbirds character, you can be Virgil, Allan, Gordon, John, or Scott. You can ask your friends to go to the party as the five superheroes and you can also include one girl member as Penelope. You no longer have to worry in spending lots of money for the Thunderbirds costume. You just need to follow a cool pilot costume by using blue tunic and tight pants. You can just use your old clothes and paint it with blue. If you want to be Scott, then you definitely need a blue jumpsuit. Unlike Virgil, Scott is wearing a yellow sash. You can also order five blue Glengarry caps and boots online. If you want your group can just purchase made to order caps so that it will look like the real pilot cap. You can just use a toy gun as prop and buy patches that will look like the thunderbirds insignia.

 Your group will surely create an impact for looking handsome in your hero costumes. By choosing a Scott costume, a lot of women will ask for your help to save them from trouble.

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