Secretary costumes

Sexy secretary costumes have been around for a long time but they still catch everyone’s attention. The benefits of a secretary to a boss are endless. So many men have looked at a simple, conservative, beautiful secretary and couldn’t help himself but wonder how she really looks like outside the office. That is why a vamped up intelligent and innocent secretary look has always been a popular fantasy. This look isn’t just limited to costume parties anymore and anyone can create this look. You can make it as sexy as you want.

 There are so many options for secretary costumes available in the internet; most of them show a lot of skin. You can buy sets or choose individual pieces to recreate a unique look that defines your own style. Be as bold or as conservative if you want. It is easy to design your own secretary costume. Start by wearing glasses, a black sexy top, a short pencil skirt and a tie. You can even mess your hair up a bit, or do a bun and use bright red lipstick.  For sexier looks any of the following will work. Wear a figure-hugging, solid black or pinstriped short button down dress; open the buttons and add knee-high sheer socks or fish net stockings depending on how sexy you want your look is. You can show as much cleavage as you want. Pair a black blazer with a low-rise, tight, pinstriped pants and only close a button or two around your chest. No under shirt needed. Add a white collar and white cuffs to black bustier or tube top and pencil skirt. Wear your tallest black stilettos with any of these looks and your good to go.

 Whatever kind of secretary costume you’ll decide to wear, bring the right attitude. Sex appeal isn’t accomplished by sexy clothes alone. Feel confident about yourself and you will turn up the heat in any room.

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