Rock chick costume

So are you a fan of Avril Lavigne and her songs Skater Boi and Happy Ending? Well, she is one example of a rock chic. She is famous for her songs and radical outfits. Avril has proven that not only men can rock the world! She has proven that women can also excel in other facets of life when they put their heart and soul in what they are doing.

 Most of the girls nowadays will fall for a rock star than good looking actors. That is why you cannot blame them if they prefer to attend a rock concert than classical concerts. So that is why you will notice that their outfits today are really funky and outrageous. 

 When you decide to go to a costume party, why not try to be different this time? Your kids will be surprised to see you wearing a rock chic costume. They will surely find it cool that you are trying to be different. You just actually need an out of this world outfit and a rebellious attitude. There are no guidelines to follow. You can just try a black shirt and torn jeans or skirt. Then just bring a guitar or drums stick as if you are a member of a band. You can also wear fishnet stockings and black boots. But what is important is that you have the attitude to rock it! You will notice that it is really comfortable to wear a rock chic costume. You can move freely and enjoy more when you are in a party.

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