Princess Leia costume

Who can forget one of the best sci-fi films star wars? I am sure you are one of those who got hook in the series of star wars flicks. They have lots of adorable characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kinobe, Qui-Gonn Jin, and of course the beautiful princess Leia.

 You can be a conservative yet elegant princess or a more daring Leia Organa in a costume party. If you are tired of your usual scary outfit when you attend a Halloween party, maybe this is the time that you can be a scene stealer by being a warrior princess who is actively participating in combat. Imagine yourself wearing a white long gown with cinnamon bun or doughnut hairstyle, or you can be more seductive in a warrior outfit. You can choose to be an elegant and sophisticated princess Leia or a liberated one by just wearing a copper metal bikini. In fact, that outfit made the actress portraying princess Leia famous. But you need more than courage and confidence to wear a sexy Princess Leia costume in a party. In order to avoid possible wardrobe malfunction, it is important to try the outfit before parading it in the party. You do not want to feel uncomfortable in the party. You can also bring a brown hood or cape just in case.

 You can also try this costume with your daughters. You can check online on different designs or patterns. You can just use old bikini and paint it with gold or copper. Then you can just braid her hair and put a brown or copper ribbon to match the outfit.

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