Priest costume

You are a saint and not a sinner! When you want to make an impact and surprise your friends in a costume party, then here’s your chance to blow their mind! They will be amazed for your creativity! I am sure that a lot of people will confess their sins and ask for forgiveness if they will saw a fine looking priest like you.

To attain that priestly image, you need to purchase a priest costume complete with black robe, a polo shirt with white collar, black pants, and shoes. You can also add accessories to perfect your look such as a white cross necklace, a padre hat, a good book to preach the good news, and eyeglasses. You will look divine if you will cut your hair short and shave your moustache or beard.

You can also ask your girlfriend to wear a nun costume. Then you can walk together when you enter the room. I am sure that your friends will be shocked! If you want to attend a costume party, then this is definitely the best way to make an impression. You can even put on a character and maintain a show by saying passages in the bible when talking to strangers. That way, they will have a hard time figuring out if whether you are a real priest or not. You can even tell them stories about your calling and the people in your convent. But just remember to memorize those lines or they will immediately figure out that you are faking it.

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