Piano costume

There are lots of cool costume ideas that you can try this Halloween. You can be magical creatures like fairies or genie in the lamp. A famous political figure or music icon can be a good choice as well. You can also try to be a scary ghost, vampire or witch. But if you want to be different, why not attend wearing musical instrument for a costume like a piano costume?

 You can actually buy piano costumes online at really low prices. But if you have lots of time, then show them what you got! Use your creativity and imagination to make a wonderful piano costume. I know you can do it! It is just easy to follow these helpful tips. You just need to have black tights and leotards. Then, you can create a piano using a box large enough to fit in your body. Just paint the box using black paint and white paint for the piano keys. You can also create colourful musical notes to accessorize the dress. Then to complete your look, you can wear a musical note headband. Just use some ribbons and beads to create the musical notes. You will have fun in making this cute costume.

 So what are you waiting for? You will be the most gorgeous musical instrument in the party. You can even create for your little boys and girls different musical instrument costumes. You can also try drums costumes or guitar costumes by using the same procedure. Instead of piano, you can paint the box to look like guitar or drums.

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