Nerd costume

You do not need to become a rocket scientist just to look like a nerd. When you are planning to go to a costume party, maybe you can look smart by trying a nerd costume. When you are in high school, it is not cool to be a nerd. But you will notice that most of the nerd students will end up becoming professional and successful in their chosen career.

 But when you attend a party, looking like a nerd can sometimes be fun and exciting. You will look like smart in a nerd costume and girls dig intelligent men. You will appear mysterious and that is a turn on for college girls. You do not have to solve complicated mathematical equations and formulate new theories. All you need is a stripe long sleeves and white pants. You need to wear your pants above your waist for them to see your socks. It is also essential to wear a suspender, colourful necktie or a bowtie and eyeglasses. You do not have to worry about colour combination. You can play with different colours to make your costume more fun. To complete your nerdy look, you can bring with you lots of books or a calculator and pen. With your hair, you can apply a lot of hair gel and comb it neatly.

 You can act like a nerd when you dance like. I am sure you will get a lot of attention after the party. So who says it is not cool to be a nerd?

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