Michael Jackson costume

Even in life and in death, Michael Jackson remains to be an icon people adore.  For some, what better way to Immortalize their idol but to copy the way he dresses up not just for costumes but some as their fashion statement as well.

 The thriller look is one best selling get up that gives a thrill to Michael Jackson wannabe.  For most adults it makes them nostalgic but to kids who use it as costumes, it is an avenue for them to learn his music as they dress like him. This look is characterized by a red jacket replica accented with black stripes and a pants to match. Not only that,  but be sure to have socks, black shoes, a wig and to top it all a scary make up.

 For those who opt for the Billie Jean look, even if you don’t know the Moonwalk, go for a sequinned gloves, black shoes, sequinned jacket and a wig if possible. One important reminder  to get the authentic look is to feel stylish and take extra effort on how you carry yourself in the attire.

 Another Michael Jackson costume that is not as popular as the rest is the Smooth Criminal outfit.  Nothing beats this though if you talk of style.  A classic but amazing look is characterized by an all-white suit and hat and does not require many accessories.

 Remember the song ‘Beat It’?  Choosing to have a Beat It look  means you have a faux red leather jacket with multiple zippers around the waist and on the chest. Be sure the jacket has a detachable sleeves, with silver emblems on the shoulders.  To complete the costume, you need a blue shirt, black pants, red belt, white socks, black shoes and wig.

 When you decide to go for any MJ costumes, whether it be for kids or adults, be sure to get online and find the costume of your choice early.  Take note that MJ costumes sell like hotcakes  and yes a lot of stores always go out of stock.

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