Lion costume

There are lots of animal costumes that you can wear in costume party. But when you want to stand out, then you should go as the king of the jungle! The lion costume is a cool costume not only for adult but for children trick or treating as well. You can even host a birthday party by having an animal costume party. The kids and their parents will be thrilled to wear any animal costumes that they want. You can say it is really a jungle out there!

 When you want to be intimidating, you can wear a ferocious lion costume. However, if you have a sensible personality, you can be the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz, who is looking for courage. You can also ask your friends to go as Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow. Your group will have lots of adventure in following the yellow brick road to the party. 

 A lion costume is easy and fun to make, you can download easy steps on how to make this cute costume. You can even find the materials in making this costume in your home. You just need brown fabric, scissors, fabric glue, brown sweatshirt, and orange or brown sweatpants. For the brown fabric, you can just recycle your old clothes. You may want to add lion nose and whiskers by using face paint. Just be careful that you do not have an allergy. If you want you can just purchase costumes online for reasonable prices.

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