Leprechaun costume

Leprechaun is a mythical creature from Ireland. He is said to be keeping a lot of treasures and a pot full of gold. They are creatures who bring good luck and fortune. When you want to be lucky, then here is a costume that has full of charm. You can wear a leprechaun costume in a Halloween party or St. Patrick Day.

 Here are great tips that you can follow when you want a leprechaun costume. First just think green! Yes, for you will be needing lots of green items. First, a green shirt, green pants, green hat, belt, gloves, sideburns, bow ties, and necklaces. You can make alternative by wearing a black trousers or vest and black shoes. You will also need white stockings. What you will do is to roll your pants up to emphasize the stockings. If you have time, you can also add green glitters in your shirt and hat. It is also cool to have a clover shaped patch attached in your vest or trouser. You need to look old so it is a must that you know how to apply make-up, if not you can always count on your friends for that part. Women can also wear a leprechaun costume. In fact there are really sexy leprechaun outfits that they can purchase online.

 So there is always a pot of gold at the end of rainbow and I think that treasure is you! With your leprechaun costume, you are worth more than all the treasures in the world.

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