Hook Costume

Captain Hook is one of the most evil villains. He chases the never-aging Peter Pan, together with his Lost Boys. He is very cunning, but he is afraid of only one thing, a crocodile. Once he hears the tick-tock of the crocodile’s swallowed clock, he rushes to one of his comrades, Mr. Smith. His trauma began after the crocodile took off his hand and decided to finish the rest of him off. Putting up a Captain Hook costume is quite easy. You just have to follow these simple tips.

The first thing that you need to do is to find a white button-up shirt. Tuck it in some tights. Any color will do, but black has been associated as a fearsome color. Then, look for an old-fashioned red coat. Make sure that it is long enough to reach your thighs. If you cannot find one, you may try using a brass buttons or go to a flea market. Wear a pair of pirate’s boots for your footwear.

After you have completed everything, it’s now time for you to gather your weapons. Get a fake sword so that it will be safe to use. Of course, the getup wouldn’t be complete without you wearing a hook. You may wear it on either of your both hands; it will depend whether you are right-handed or otherwise. And to put on the finishing touches, wear a pirate hat with your bewigged head. Now that you have already completed your Hook costume, wear some attitude because that captain is a bit cocky!


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