Freddie Mercury costume

Do you know who Farrokh Bulsara is? Well you should be! He is the famous lead vocalist and song writer of the band “Queen”. Yes, he is popularly known as the legend Freddie Mercury. He is the composer of the unforgettable hit songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We are the Champions”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, and a lot more. He can play the keyboards, guitar, and piano. He is a very influential icon in the music industry. In fact statues were built to honour him in different parts of the world.

 If you are planning to attend a costume party, then you should try the Freddie Mercury look. As a rock star, you will need an out of this world costume. Actually, there are lots of pictures online that you can follow to achieve a Freddie Mercury costume. One of his famous outfits that you can copy is the yellow Wembley jacket and white pants. I am sure you can find a yellow jacket, white shirt and pants in your closet. If not then there are always cheap outfits in thrift shops. You should wear white Adidas trainers to match your outfit. To copy his look, you can add a moustache and buy a black wig. Then as prop, you can carry a microphone and stand.

 You are now ready to have your encore! You will sure make a big hit when you know how to sing Freddie Mercury songs. You can also do a little concert to impress the guests in the party.

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