Foxy Cleo Costume

Don’t you just love Austin Power movies? He is the spy who will shag you with laughter. He is very popular with women. Being a spy, he is usually exposed to the evil plot of Dr. Evil and his evil sidekick Mini Me. However, in Austin Power Goldmember movie, we will meet a really endearing and fashionable character named Foxy Cleopatra. She is also one of those women who will make Austin’s heart flip flop.

 Foxy Cleo is portrayed by the one and only Beyonce Knowles. She has the moves and the body that is perfect for the role. So you really need to work it when you want to wear a Foxy Cleo Costume in a party. Aside from the attitude, you also need to have a perfect outfit. You can actually purchase online a lot of Foxy Cleo costume. But I am sure you can always find alternative outfits that will fit your budget. You can go to thrift or vintage shops and I am sure you will find a lot of retro dresses. In order to perfect that Foxy Cleo look, you just need a leather look top with matching crop jacket and trousers. You can choose the colour that you want but it is better to stick with orange or brown. Then you can purchase a brown funky afro wig online and flower power peace necklace and earrings to achieve the look. You can also ask a friend to go with you as Austin Powers.

 Now you will definitely look groovy in this outfit!

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