Fairytale costumes

Do you believe in fairy tales? Don’t you find it romantic to live your life with happily ever after? Imagine yourself as the sleeping beauty saved from deep slumber by a handsome prince’s kiss. Maybe you can be the beautiful Alice, who has been to wonderland to find great adventure. I am sure you will look fabulous when you choose a fairy tale character costume. 

 You can be princess Ariel, the Little Mermaid, by using a shell shaped top and fins. Just use a silk fabric and cut it to look like shells. Then use silver dust to make it more elegant. Then attach the fabric in your skin tone tube top. For your fins, you can use a green fabric large enough to cover your legs. You can just use additional silver dust to make it shiny. For your accessories, you can just wear pearl necklace and earrings. I am sure your little girls will love to have this costume. She will be very excited to go trick or treating with this adorable costume.

 Fairytale costumes are really popular in costume parties. You can look like a beautiful princess Jasmine, a cute fairy like Tinkerbell, or a Chinese warrior Mulan. There are lots of options when you decide to be fairy tale character. You can even be an evil step mother or queen if you want to be different. You might find your true love’s kiss in the party. So you need to prepare your glass slippers. Just make sure to go home before midnight.

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