Dragon Ball Z Costume

Kame Hame Wave! Yes, many people, especially the male population, have been hooked up with Dragon Ball Z. Shouting this energy attack to your siblings at home or to your friends at school made you feel as if you are Goku. And for you to feel more that you are part of the Turtle School, you can now try dressing up like one of them. It has been a dream to many Dragon Ball Z fanatics to wear that orange uniform with blue belt and a patch. Dream no more because you can now put on a Dragon Ball Z costume exactly like the one that you see in your favorite Japanese cartoon.

You can find internet shops that provide a make-to-order service on this kind of costumes. There are details of which you can follow on how to order. You will be ask to specify your height, sleeve length, length of pants, size of shoulder, chest, waist hip, leg, and, arm. If you’re having difficulty getting the stated information, you can just choose from the standard sizes that they offer. The costume set usually includes the orange jumpsuit with the attached blue belt, a head piece that looks like Goku’s, wrist cuffs, and boot covers.

With the famous Turtle Devastation Attack paired with the appearance of Goku, you are now ready to search and find the seven mystical orbs or the Dragon Balls. As soon as you’re through collecting them, do not forget to summon the dragon to grant your wish for more candies on Halloween.


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