Donkey Costume

Been invited to attend a costume party for Christmas or Halloween? Whether you are a kid or an adult, the donkey is one goofy character to portray. Don’t fret the details – you should realize that this is one of the simplest animal costumes which can be made using the basic materials found in homes. And you can manage one without having to sew. This is done simply by wearing several clothing pieces and small props that, when put together, resemble the very features of the donkey.

Limit your pieces to the hues of brown, black and gray because those are the colors of the donkey. Start with the base by wearing dark gray or off-brown turtle neck. To add bulk, you can top it off with sweat shirt which has the same or nearly the same color as that of the turtleneck. Pair it off with matching sweat pants. Black shoes should be worn with black or brown socks to achieve the look of the donkey’s hooves. To maintain consistency, it would be nice to wear mittens or fabric hand gloves in black or brown. For the tail, cut out donkey tail from brown or gray felt paper and pin it to the tail bone area of the sweat pants. For the head, a plain, black headband would be fine. Cut out donkey ears from brown or gray felt paper and attached it on the headband.

Keep in mind that the best way to pull off the donkey costume is to use clothing pieces and props that are of the same hue.

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