Death costume

 Here is one costume that will surely frighten little children and even adults. Don’t you just love Halloween? You can be scary and funny at the same time. This is the time of the year when you can be whoever you want. It is actually a good excuse to have fun. You can be a famous celebrity, a rock star, a famous athlete, a cartoon character, or a ghost. It is fun to go trick or treating when you wear a unique costume. Well, the scary death costume will surely give children goose bumps. It comes in different styles depending in your concept. You can be the grim reaper or a scary zombie.

 You can buy a lot of costumes in the mall or online that will help you look like a grim reaper. But who needs to buy new costume when you can just create your own. Maybe you can just buy a mask when you no longer have time to put a scary make up. You just need a black robe with hood, skeleton gloves, and a scythe. To make it creepier, you can add blood or carry a plastic human head. You can also practice sounding like you are ten feet below the ground.

 However, you can also try a different approach if you don’t want to scare little children when they go trick or treating. You just have to be creative to achieve the look that you want. This is a simple costume and you do not need to exaggerate things.

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