Crocodile Dundee Costume

Definitely, you have come across the movie Crocodile Dundee that has been loved by many people around the world. This comedy film is a favorite among men and women who lived in the 1980’s as it became number in the box office charts worldwide. You might be thinking that this film was a product of spending huge amount of money, but as a matter of fact the movie was produced under a budget of $10,000,000. This is why is you are thinking to be Mick Dundee, the main character of the hit movie, fret no more because you can be one just by wearing a Crocodile Dundee costume. It is a great choice in any of your costume party that you’ll need to attend.

You can easily find and purchase this costume in online shops. Usually, the costume package includes a faux leather vest which seems like authentic crocodile skin. In addition, you will receive a crocodile hat with teeth. This is an amazing deal that you can have that is just right for your money!

If you are having problems with your budget, you can just actually improvise. You just need to look for a leatherette brown vest and a pair of brown pants. Then, go find a green cork hat and attach on its end stones dangling from strings. This will make you look like a fisherman though you really are a crocodile hunter! All these and more fearsome attitude will make you look like a box-office hit, too!


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