Canadian Mountie costume

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or otherwise known as Canadian Mounties are the largest police force in Canada. They are known for their red and black uniforms. Do you want to be a member of such honourable troop? Then why not attend a Halloween costume party in this admirable outfit? You will feel proud in wearing this Canadian Mountie costume. Imagine yourself to be a member of peace keeping corps. I am sure no one will dare violate the law when they have you as member of police force.   

 It is actually simple to follow this costume. If you have no time to prepare for a costume, then here is a simple outfit that you can try. You just need a red long sleeved shirt, black pants, black leather boots, black cowboy or ranger hat, black belt, yellow or orange ribbons, and gold buttons. You just need to sew the gold buttons and ribbons in shirt. You can download pictures of Canadian Mounties uniform so that you will have a guide on how to arrange the buttons. Even women can wear this costume. They can just make a sexier version by making slight alterations. Just use red midriff attire and match it with black shorts. Then you can wear black stockings and black boots. Do not forget to have your own ranger hat to complete your Canadian Mountie look.

 You can also bring with you a toy horse for a prop. You will sure get lots of admiration in this costume.

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