Britney Spears Costume

Hit me baby one more time! Britney Spears is back and she is currently reclaiming all honorific titles that have been given to her before all the scandals that she faced. With six out of seven number one albums, Britney Spears has been a legend in the music and entertainment industry. Many people around the world look up to her with all the things that she has accomplished, not to mention that she is a consistent recipient of Yahoo!’s Most Searched Person for many years now. Women of all ages would love to look like her, and fortunately it is so possible to sport all her outfit from her hit singles’ music videos.

“Baby One More Time” is the first ever single of the legendary Queen of Pop. Her outfit as a sexy schoolgirl has influenced many girls to dress up like her every time there is a special costume event. A mini school skirt and a school blouse will do the trick, but do not forget her two sides braided pony tail with pink feather hair tie. For the footwear, try wearing knee high socks with a high Mary Janes shoes.

“Toxic” is another one of her top-charting singles and her outfit there is absolutely fabulous. To dress up like this Britney Spears costume, you just have to purchase a turquoise blue stewardess dress that has a halter neck style and a Velcro neckpiece. Also, the complete costume will include a cape that has an attached collar ties around the neck and a matching hat.

Once you got everything, you are now ready to go as Britney sings “I Wanna Go”.


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