Batman costumes

Who is the best superhero? Easy, Batman! Why? Simple, no kryptonite, and he can never be manipulated. Beat everyone else and become the dark knight even just for the evening. He’s the superhero that catches the most attention from women. Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Rachel Dawes, Sasha Bordeaux, and so many others have fallen for Batman’s charm. Even Superman’s Lois Lane was attracted to Bruce. So, there you have it, be Batman and have all the ladies at your side.

 Naturally, as Batman progressed through comics, animated series and movies, available Batman costumes followed. There’s a multitude of costumes available and you can get whichever Batman ensemble you want.  When the sky’s the limit to your budget, you can get the authentic, stage quality costume sets inclusive of sexy, well-defined chest piece, head piece, codpiece, leg pieces, gloves, cowl, and cape. Choose between the Dark Knight Grand Heritage Collection, Ultra Supreme Edition and the Collector’s Edition. You’ll look like you just came out of the Dark Night’s movie set. These costumes are available up to extra large size and made of polyester or latex, so they’re dry clean only.  For the more practical minded, Batman’s classic grey and black and Batman: the Brave and the Bold’s grey and blue jumpsuits are great alternatives. These sets come with or without the padded muscles and are also available in kid sizes. Some sets, however do not include boots.

 To fully enjoy the Batman craze, indulge yourself with Batman costume accessories. Buy batarangs, gauntlets, grappling hooks, utility belts, rings or even mechanized bats. If you want a mini Batman, Robin, Bat girl or Joker by your side, dress up your kid or your dog as one of them. They will go perfectly with your costume.

 Being Batman isn’t limited to the testosterone-driven teenagers and adults. You can have your little boy wear the costume of his favorite superhero and help him be the man that Batman has always been. A man that always does what is right, even if people think poorly of him. No other superhero has taken the fall for his enemy in order for the people he loves to live better.

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