Avatar costume

James Cameron’s breathtaking 3D movie, Avatar, has caught everyone’s attention. Avatar is an epic movie that revolutionized the film industry. Be a Na’vi to the next costume party and get oohs and ahs from everyone you encounter.

 Avatar costumes are available for both kids and adults and anyone can have a blast with them on. You can make your own costume or go the easier way, purchase it from a store. Store bought Avatar costumes will definitely have better details making it look more authentic and lifelike. If you’re a guy, it is easier for you to recreate Jake Sully. All you will need are khaki pants and a brown shirt or jacket. You can then wear Avatar makeup on your face and hands. You can save yourself the trouble of looking for these items, a costume set is complete with a tail is available in the market. You can complete this look with a Jake Sully latex or vinyl masks or an Avatar wig and makeup. Do not worry, there is makeup tutorial on YouTube about how to replicate the intricate faces of the Na’vi people.

 For the females, the Neytiri Avatar costume will show off your figure. It is available in different sizes. The set includes a skin tight body suit that looks like Neytiri’s skin, a grey apron, a gauntlet and stings of multicolored beads. You can complete the look with a Neytiri wig and Avatar makeup. Further enhance your look with Avatar accessories such as the bow, spear and makeup kit.

 Avatar costumes will certainly be a hit the Halloween, not just for kids but for adults as well. Come as a pair, come alone, or come in groups of Na’vi avatars. Avatar costumes will make your night very memorable.

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