Assassin Costume

A killer, a murderer, a slaughterer, and an executioner are some of the words that you can associate when you hear the word assassin. He is characterized by being cold and heartless, killing those who are powerful in position. An assassin tends to be mysterious, so he tries to hide his face all of the time. It will also help him not to be recognized by anyone. People who like this inexplicable character get dressed with ornamental costume.

If you want to look like a true serial killer, you need to find “gi”, clothe for judo or karate. Wash it with a few tea bags so that it would look dusty and old. For your pants, try searching for old martial art khakis in a flea store. Choose the one that has a dragon design. Wearing combat shoes will do the trick for you to have comfortable footwear. To complete the costume, wear a hood with a cut-down skull mask. This will make you so mysterious that you can trick everybody in the party.

Should you find it hard to make your own assassin costume; there are online shops that offer a set of assassin costume. It will perfectly fit for you since you have the power to choose from a wide range of designs. You can be a ninja assassin while your girl can be a geisha assassin. Whatever it is that you decide to pick; there is an assurance that if you want to be a murderer impressionist, you dress to kill!


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