Andy Pipkin costume

Walk out from a comedy sketch show set as Little Britain’s Andy Pipkin. The moody and lazy Andy and his best friend, Lou are among Britain’s most well known characters. You can go as Andy on your costume party and be as demanding as you want while repeating his “want that one” catch phrase. You can even have people push you around in a wheelchair.

 Andy Pipkin always wore scruffy and dirty clothes, so why can’t you?  Of course, the Andy Pipkin costume isn’t really dirty so you could still smell as clean as you want. The costume is similar to Andy’s favorite clothes. The slightly faded white vest with brown accents on the neckline and armhole has an elastic fit. This is perfect to be worn over a stuffed belly to replicate Andy’s plump midsection. The purple trousers have an elastic waist as well. These pants and trousers can even be worn outside costume parties, but they’re 100% polyester. Dry clean only please. Sold separately are Andy’s bald cap with long blond hair wig and glasses that are designed to finish the look. All you need to do is replicate Andy’s trademark facial expression.

 If you’re an entertainer, Andy will certainly be able to please any crowd. The Andy Pipkin costume will really go well with the rest of Little Britain’s cast. Ask your best friend to show as Lou to complete the tandem. Your friends can even dress up as their favorite characters from the show too. Throw yourselves a Little Britain themed party and recreate Lou and Andy’s hilarious predicaments. You’ll end up having loads of fun.

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