American Beauty Costume

American Beauty means something that is natural in the look of American female population. It is sometimes viewed as a sense of nationalism among women who profess love for their own Native American heritage. One of the ways to show this is dress up with the concept of the USA flag. However, this does not mean that women need to wear their famous Star Spangled Banner flag. The red, blue, and the stars are usually the concept of women or professing with American Beauty. So, if you want to show some sense of nationalism in your special costume event, then why not try dressing up like a Miss USA American Beauty.

An American Beauty costume is very easy to have. Look for a blue jacket that has silver stars design. Then, find a white top that is a bit lacey. A skirt that looks like a star spangled banner flag will do the trick as your bottoms. Just make sure to wear a petticoat to have a bubbly effect. Enhance this by wearing a blue waistcoat. Wear a red and white bowtie garter and hat. Wear a pair of red or blue shoes with white stockings to complete the whole costume.

Show some blue and red stripes with some glittery stars on your special event. It can be a fancy dress parties, hen nights, Halloween, or even just a simple costume party, but what’s important is the fact that you love your country and the you are showing the true American beauty!


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