Aladdin Costume

With a good singing voice, Aladdin who is poor but kindhearted has won the hearts of many people. He steals goods from the market for his family to survive. Despite being an Agrabah thief, Aladdin has become Prince Ali Ababwa after marrying Princess Jasmine who was the only daughter of the Sultan. The magical events began after he had found a lamp where a wish-granting genie lives. The genie with an omnipotent power only follows the person who has the lamp – his master. But an evil plan was carried out by power-hungry Jafar who is the Grand Vizier of Agrabah.

Nevertheless, carrying out a plan about wearing an Aladdin-themed costume for the family won’t be that so bad. In fact, the characters mentioned are just perfect for you, your wife and your kids. Of course you can portray the character of Aladdin while your wife wears the costume of Princess Jasmine. Your kid will be the adorable genie. Getting dressed up like them is not that difficult. Just search over the internet the appropriate getup for each character.

The Aladdin costume must include elasticized black harem style trousers, a long sleeved top with a sparkling black and gold waistcoat, a gold belt and an Arabian hat with emerald diamond. A genie outfit for your kid can be a simple jumpsuit with an open hood. For your wife, it can be very easy to look like Princess Jasmine; just wear a pink Arabian top and a pair of pink trousers enamored with fancy designs and laces.


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