Air Hostess Costumes

In themed parties, the usual costumes are pirates, heavenly creatures, vixens and fairies. If you want a look that is cut above the rest, you must wear something that you know others would not likely be wearing – Air hostess costume!

Most air hostesses usually wear their uniform with air hostess hat and a scarf.  However, there are other ways to strut this costume. By adding your personal touch, try sporting a skimpier and shorter skirt that flaunts enough legs and skin. Use fish net stockings instead of the regular ones. A stiletto would also look good in this costume, though, some will look sexier in a high heel boots, which could be knee high or right below the knee.

 Air hostess costumes could also be paired with a stroller bag and aviator sunglasses, both are perfect accessories to complete this Air hostess look. Another accessory well suited for this costume is a pair of gloves. If the color of your costume is white, then the glove’s color should either be black or white. If you love colors, just make sure that your color combination is perfect so it would not look tacky.

This complete air hostess look is a winning form, and you would not even have a hard time finding one because many online shopping sites offer designs ranging from basic to adventurous. In addition, various shops do custom fitting so that the costume would fit like a glove and highlight the shape of your body.

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