Admiral Costume

An admiral is the highest of the naval officers and commands the most important decision that a fleet should follow. Technically, almost every nation has its own admiral. The outfits differ much from one country to another, but have the usual type of formality. It usually has budges and is most of the time very proper. However, if you are deciding to be an admiral for a costume event, being an admiral is great choice especially for men. They will look masculine enough to pump up the party. Women will surely dig onto you as soon as you are completely dressed up as one brave admiral.

Getting an admiral costume is not a hassle; you just can purchase one by the use of computer, internet, and credit card. A set of this costume usually includes a realistic looking admiral jacket with real star buttons on the lapels; usually this one has the gold buttons for the front closure and gold striped edging on the sleeves. The bottom of the costume can just be a pair of black slacks. Accessorize it with an American eagle emblem and a sailor’s admiral hat, of course, with gold trimmings.

Everybody will definitely snap to attention as soon as you arrive in the place of the special costume party. You do not need to worry that you will not get any attention since you and your costume will be the one to command for it. Just have the right admiral posture to everybody every time.


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