Adam Ant costumes

Stuart Leslie Goddard popularly known as Adam Ant is the lead vocalist of the punk group Adam and the Ants. He is not only a good singer but at the same time a superb actor. Aside from his number one hit songs, he has received numerous awards not only in United Kingdom but in United States as well.  

 So if you want to rock the world of the guests in a costume party, why not try to appear as Adam Ant? You will not only be considered cool by the Adam Ant fans club but at the same time you will be the life of the party.

 In order to achieve a rock star look, you need to have the following things. You can actually purchase the fancy Adam Ant costumes online at reasonable prices. But if you want to create your own look, you can find similar costumes in your closet. It is a must to look for a pirate or highwayman inspired costume. As alternative, you can just wear a white long sleeves shirt and black pants and black boots. Then just wear a black jacket and put small square patches from old brown fabric. Just download a picture in the internet so that you can follow the design of the jacket. You may need a red belt and Adam Ant wig to look like a real cool rock star. You can also apply make up using black eye pencil and red lipstick. It is also nice if you can sing some of his famous songs.

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