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Celebrity Masks Costume

Almost everyone dreams of becoming a celebrity. Having a face that will be loved by every person in the world is one of the most important things that you should consider. But we know that having a plastic surgery to have a face like David Beckham’s, Simon Cowell’s, Cheryl Cole’s, or even Prince William’s will […]

Assassin Costume

A killer, a murderer, a slaughterer, and an executioner are some of the words that you can associate when you hear the word assassin. He is characterized by being cold and heartless, killing those who are powerful in position. An assassin tends to be mysterious, so he tries to hide his face all of the […]

Monk Costume

Most of people really cannot live the life of seclusion and celibacy. It is really hard for many of them to practice the routines that a monk usually does. Men cannot simply abstain from the things that give him pleasure unlike the men in the seminary. However, one way or another, you have thought of […]

American Beauty Costume

American Beauty means something that is natural in the look of American female population. It is sometimes viewed as a sense of nationalism among women who profess love for their own Native American heritage. One of the ways to show this is dress up with the concept of the USA flag. However, this does not […]

Admiral Costume

An admiral is the highest of the naval officers and commands the most important decision that a fleet should follow. Technically, almost every nation has its own admiral. The outfits differ much from one country to another, but have the usual type of formality. It usually has budges and is most of the time very […]

Britney Spears Costume

Hit me baby one more time! Britney Spears is back and she is currently reclaiming all honorific titles that have been given to her before all the scandals that she faced. With six out of seven number one albums, Britney Spears has been a legend in the music and entertainment industry. Many people around the […]

Pirate Wench Costume

Anne Bonny and Mary Read are known for terrorizing the Spanish Main just like how their male pirate counterparts carried out a sea battle. Actresses Keira Knightley and Naomi Harris also played prominent female pirate roles for the Pirate of the Caribbean making female pirate wenches more prominent than ever. These are some of the […]

Crocodile Dundee Costume

Definitely, you have come across the movie Crocodile Dundee that has been loved by many people around the world. This comedy film is a favorite among men and women who lived in the 1980’s as it became number in the box office charts worldwide. You might be thinking that this film was a product of […]

Buzz Costume

“Through infinity and beyond!” Indeed, many people around the world have been fascinated with this line as it was delivered by one of the most favorite Toy Story character of all time, Buzz Lightyear. He has been very famous among kids and adults, too, since the movie came out. Being Andy’s favorite toy because he […]

Wench Costume

Yes, wench may be somebody who is a woman servant, but let us put on some twist by making it sexier. Despite the fact that she is peasant, everybody, especially the boys, will love her because of her innocence. People in parties love to stare a sexy woman servant. The boys will drool over you […]